An overview of the customer cases that the Run Live Truck crew has worked on.


UV radar app

Dutch Cancer Society (KWF)

With this app, users get insight into the current power of the UV radiation and an advice about whether or not they should use sunscreen. An important tool in the mission of the Dutch Cancer Society to prevent skin cancer.

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Smart beer control app


With this smart Internet of Things app, entrepreneurs quickly and easily get reliable information about beer stocks from their supplier Bavaria.

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The crop disease alert app

WaterWatch Cooperative

This app gives the farmer up to 14 days of insight into various data, to limit the risk of crop diseases. An important tool for the startup WaterWatch Cooperative, that aims to increase food production with sustainable agricultural methods and using resources efficiently.

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Geographic dashboard

Government organisation

In one clear overview, the contractors and network managers of this government organisation can now see which cable or pipe is located in which location.

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RUNSAP app: for runners and fans

RunLikeNeverBefore Run

This app reads the data from a large number of trackers to gain insight into the individual data of runners in a team.

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DICA quality app CVA

Flevo Hospital

This app makes it easier for Flevo Hospital to collect and monitor real-time data of CVA (Cerebro Vasculair Accident) patients.

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TRUCQ Dashboard


A train journey on a track that is not flat, is not so pleasant. This innovative solution makes it possible for Prorail - responsible for the railway network in the Netherlands - to reduce this discomfort for travellers.

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Paint corrosion map


This machine learning app will make measurements of corrosion in the future more precise for AkzoNobel, that is a world wide supplier of paints and coatings.

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Traceable transport & instore analytics app

Coop Supermarket

The traceable transport app gives the store manager of the Coop Supermarket a real-time insight in transportation. The instore analytics app is focused on personalisation for customers.

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SAM: intelligent tender matching

Royal BAM Group

BAM is active in construction & property and in civil engineering. They manually handled their tender matching process and wondered how they could make this process easier by using existing data. The answer: by using Machine Learning!

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Chatbot Vicky

Office Depot

Office Depot - with a large office supplies online store - noticed that a lot of customers contacted the customer service by phone, after searching online first. Apparently they did not find the information they were looking for… Chatbot Vicky can help out!

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Smart waste management app

Dura Vermeer

Dura Vermeer is active in construction, infrastructure, engineering and services. The app that we created helps citizens with real-time insight in their waste management. And more importantly: with direct feedback of how they can improve their behaviour and thus improve the environment.

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Predict illegal logging with machine learning app

Rainforest Connection

Rainforest Connection uses recycled mobile phones as ‘Forest Guardians’ to listen to what happens in the jungle to prevent illegal logging. By combining this data with machine learning, we can help the rangers with providing real-time information.

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Its My Life app

Its My Life

The mission of Its My Life is to improve the health of employees in the office. This app uses Internet of Things - and data of course - to give them insights and suggestions for improvement for both their physical and mental health.

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A thermostat that understands your agenda and therefore knows when you are at home. And make sure that your home is wonderfully warm. That and more we developed for Remeha.


Driving coach app


The driving coach app turns every car into a smarter vehicle, by preventing rear-end collisions. It does so by measuring your speed during the ride and the distance to you predecessor, and it warns you if you don’t keep your distance. With this app insurance company Interpolis hopes to prevent a lot of accidents.

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Biometric sensors

Volvo Ocean Race team of AkzoNobel

The sailing team of AkzoNobel is equipped with biometric sensors of SAP during the Volvo Ocean Race. This way the team is able to perform even better.

Watch the video of the AkzoNobel sailing team case