A selection of customer cases the crew has worked on.

Product range optimization tool

Audax Betapress

To better meet the needs of its customers, the organization strives to become more data-driven, and wants to automate the process of selecting a fitting product range of magazines for each of its retailers.


Goodbye sample books, hello smart personalized app

Forbo Flooring

Forbo Flooring, Quinso, TWNKLS and SAP created a next-generation customer experience with marketing automation and augmented reality. Goodbye to sample books and hello to a smart personalized app that helps you find the perfect floor in no-time.


Speed up the process


Gasunie and the crew of the Mobile Innovation Lab simplify and accelerate this process with an innovative solution. Assigning and retrieving equipment without an extensive and tedious paper trail: stay tuned to see how it works!


Memory-app for people with dementia

The Dutch Alzheimer Association

Together with ProXcellence and the Dutch Alzheimer Association, a team of experts from the Leonardo NOW Tour created a prototype app that helps to tap into the past of people with dementia. By just clicking, swiping and – of course – talking, memories come to life!


Chatbot Vicky

Office Depot

Office Depot - with a large office supplies online store - noticed that a lot of customers contacted the customer service by phone, after searching online first. Apparently they did not find the information they were looking for… Chatbot Vicky can help out!


Smart waste management app

Dura Vermeer

Dura Vermeer is active in construction, infrastructure, engineering, and services. The Fleur app gives users real-time insight into their waste management. More importantly: they receive tips on how to improve their behavior and help the environment.


Predict illegal logging with machine learning app

Rainforest Connection

Rainforest Connection uses recycled mobile phones as ‘Forest Guardians’ to listen to the sounds of the jungle and to prevent illegal logging. By combining this data with Machine Learning, we can help the rangers with providing real-time information.


SAM: intelligent tender matching

Royal BAM Group

BAM is active in construction & property and in civil engineering. They used to handle their tender matching process manually and wondered how they could make this process easier by using existing data. The answer: by using Machine Learning!

Driving coach app interpolis sap runlivetruck

Driving coach app


The driving coach app turns every car into a smarter vehicle. The goal? Helping to prevent rear-end collisions. It does so by measuring your speed during the ride and the distance to the car in front of you and sends an alert if you don’t keep your distance. With this app insurance company Interpolis hopes to prevent many accidents.


The success of the
SAP Run Live Truck


The first season of the #RunLiveTruck was a great success! In the spring of 2017, the Run Live Truck literally delivered innovation to the customer's doorstep in nine fascinating cases. A number of cases are detailed in this e-book. You can also read more about the background of the #RunLiveTruck.

The crew

In the SAP Mobile Innovation Lab, you’ll only find the best people, who turn every case into a successful minimal viable product.


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