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Summer break  

The Mobile Innovation Lab returns late August. Stay tuned!

About the
SAP Leonardo NOW Tour

Most companies have plenty of great, innovative ideas. But it can be quite a challenge to implement them. Lack of time and resources is an unfortunate reality for many organizations. SAP offers an ingenious solution to overcome this obstacle and bring ideas to life.

Innovation on tour

The SAP Leonardo NOW Tour is a part of SAP’s unique Mobile Innovation Lab. A team of experts takes an idea from the drawing board and turns it into a minimal viable product. With a kick off on Monday and the presentation of a prototype on Friday, the crew realizes true innovation within a work week! Innovation at warp speed: nothing fits SAP’s mission to bring ideas to life more perfectly.

The SAP Mobile Innovation Lab tours The Netherlands from April to December.

Sunny weather? Consult the UV radar app

Current case: KWF Kankerbestrijding

KWF Kankerbestrijding, ProXcellence and SAP are teaming up once again. Last year, they developed a prototype application that helps people to enjoy the sun safely. This week, the team follows up on this case to fine-tune the solution. Sunny weather? The app lets you know if it’s time to put on some sunscreen, slip on a shirt, and seek up some shade. Check out the previous case below in Dutch. The video has subtitles.


Customer cases

A selection of customer cases the crew has worked on.

Design Thinking

Interactive workshop

The scope of each case is determined during a Design Thinking workshop. In this interactive workshop, a Design Thinking Coach helps the customer, end users and SAP to think about the work that needs to be done in the SAP Mobile Innovation Lab.

This way, each SAP Leonardo NOW case becomes a perfect integration of SAP’s technological innovations and the envisioned business innovations the customer needs.

SAP design thinking

Noteworthy previous cases

The SAP Leonardo NOW Tour has evolved out of the successful Run Live Truck Tour. Get inspired by some of the most exhilarating prototypes developed in the Truck.

Meet the crew

In the SAP Mobile Innovation Lab, you’ll only find the best people, who turn every case into a successful minimal viable product.


These are the partners of the SAP Leonardo NOW Tour.