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A timesaving order-picking solution

Reducing the process of picking and returning equipment and materials for a project from hours to minutes. It’s quite a challenge. For the Special Assignments team of Gasunie, it will become a reality. An innovative solution speeds up the order picking process and simplifies the administrative work, saving precious time.

Speeding up the process for Gasunie

With more than 15,500 kilometers of transport grid, Gasunie provides The Netherlands and Northern Germany with natural and green gas. You can imagine it takes a lot of work to keep all those pipelines up to date. Speeding up the order picking process can save valuable time that drillers need for maintenance and special projects. How? With an innovative solution that uses state-of-the-art image recognition and machine-learning technology. The best part? It only requires a tablet. The camera easily identifies items that can be added to a digital picklist. With the application, drillers always have real-time insight into the equipment and materials used for each project. As a bonus, they can get rid of all those paper picklists and a lot of frustration that comes with it.


SAP Leonardo NOW Tour

Together with Gasunie, a team of experts from the SAP Leonardo NOW Tour developed a prototype app that helps Gasunie’s Special Assignments department to manage its warehouse more efficiently. With only a tablet, the drillers can easily control the materials and equipment they need for a project. In one click.

From hours to minutes: accelerating your picking process with image recognition

By: Donia Ibrahimi

Image recognition has the ability to transform business processes. There are numerous cases that exemplify the success of this technology. By accelerating its order picking process with the technique, Gasunie also optimizes its operations.


Saving time with image recognition

Curious how image recognition technology can be used to transform the traditional order picking process? Discover the answer in this infographic.


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Meet the crew

In the SAP Mobile Innovation Lab, you’ll only find the best people, who turn every case into a successful minimal viable product.


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