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The Dutch Alzheimer Association

Memory-app for people with dementia

Who I am is what I remember

The Dutch Alzheimer Association – Memory-app for people with dementia

Memories make us who we are. Interaction with others too. What if your memories gradually fade away? And you’re not able to make contact with others the way you used to? The memory-app helps people with dementia invoke the past and engage in real conversation.


SAP Leonardo NOW Tour

Together with ProXcellence and the Dutch Alzheimer Association, a team of experts from the SAP Leonardo NOW Tour created a prototype app that helps to tap into the past of people with dementia. By just clicking, swiping and – of course – talking, memories come to life!

Starting conversations by bringing back memories

More than 270,000 people in the Netherlands suffer from dementia and this number is expected to have doubled by 2040. With still no cure in sight, there is a great need for solutions that increase patients’ quality of life. Technology has the potential to revolutionize care. One of those digital tools is a memory-app. It helps them to engage in real and meaningful conversations by invoking memories. 


Memories at your fingertips: how technology can improve care

Door: Kenny van Sleuwen

"This app offers a way to collect stories from my grandfather’s life and early memories, so he can share them with others and we can preserve his – gradually dissolving – personality."


Taking a digital trip down memory lane with an app

Tapping into the past of people with dementia with an app to help them engage in meaningful and real conversation and preserve their memories. It boosts their self-esteem and stimulates the brain. How does it work? 


Noteworthy previous cases

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Meet the crew

In the Mobile Innovation Lab, you’ll only find the best people, who turn every case into a successful minimal viable product.


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